Welcome and congratulations that you decided to explore this joyous journey of self-discovery and empowerment. I will consider it an honour to guide you on this path that leads within.

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What inspired The Soul Express?


I am Sonal Raje, artist and your companion aboard The Soul Express, an online journey of seven stops.

I would like to share my story of living my life of passion as an artist, and embarking on a journey of empowerment through self-development and enquiry.

I always knew I wanted to be an artist, and chose to be one. This passion led me to get my Art degree, explore various mediums and develop my own signature processes and style. My journey led me to creative explorations across continents, exhibiting my work and gaining recognition at prestigious art shows.
I was with the Canadian delegation of artists, showing my work at The Louvre in Paris.
My Painting ”Thin Ice” won an award at the show.

That’s when I stopped painting. It was like I had literally fallen through the Thin Ice into a cold dark world where there were no colours. I had immigrated to Canada a few years back, and a family tragedy disrupted the connection to my roots. 

I didn’t know this at the time, but this was the way of the universe giving me a message to turn the course of my journey to a path deep within my Soul. I began the process of self-enquiry and connecting with universal energy to balance the life force in my physical body.

Interestingly, as I read about spiritual development, hoping to find peace, I was guided to places that were long forgotten, and unknowingly abandoned. All the answers were deep rooted in my Indian culture and the family I was born in. The childhood memories of certain rituals and celebrations that were part of everyday life took on a deeper meaning, as I understood their significance. I was drawn back to the vibrant fabrics, exotic floral fragrances, jewelry and gemstones worn daily in our family. These were  meditation shawls, healing oils and crystals. I use these now in daily practices with intention. 


I found myself and my way back home. Here I am not alone.

This inward journey led me to discover my life purpose. I have opened up the doors of my heart to share this divine inspiration, in the form of The Soul Express: A journey within.

There are Seven Energy Centres known as Chakras located in our bodies all the way from the base of the spine to the top of our crown. Chakra is the Sanskrit word that means a spinning wheel. 


The Root Chakra, is your connection to the Earth and the foundation of your being.  


The Sacral Chakra governs your ability to feel your emotions and experience pleasure.  


The Solar Plexus Chakra is your power centre, and gives you the ability to transform. 


The Heart Chakra is the home of love and balance, and the path to your social identity and self-acceptance. 


The Throat Chakra is the centre of communication and creativity. speak your truth and be heard as you orient toward self-expression. 


The Third Eye Chakra holds your ability to visualize and manifest your vision.


The Crown Chakra is where you connect to your divinity.


The Soul Express is a journey of seven stops through these Chakras. We will take time at each stop to connect with, heal and empower the corresponding energy of each Chakra. The destination of this journey is to bring you back home, connecting you to the true joy of existence. This is the place where you are gently empowered to discover your true purpose, realize your fullest potential and manifest abundance in personal life as well as career or business. You will discover simple rituals and practices that are as unique as yourself, leading yourself on a journey that takes you deep within yourself, to discover the abundant joy waiting for you.


You don’t need to wait for a reason or a season to to embark on this joyous journey of self discovery and empowerment. Nor do you need to leave your chosen path behind.

TODAY is day you choose to receive the shower of abundance on your inner and outer world.

TODAY is the day you choose to come back home to find true JOY.

So, are you ready to board The Soul Express?