Sonal Raje is a professional artist based in Guelph,Ontario. She is actively involved in the local Art associations, as well as global ventures that promote the arts.  She is a member of the Canadian delegation that was invited to participate in the annual show of the Société Nationale des Beaux – Arts (Est 1862) at The Louvre in Paris. She has shown her work at the 2014 and 2016 shows. Sonal’s abstract art expresses emotions through the use of colour, form and texture. Her art has been shown in solo and group shows in Guelph, Toronto, New York, Paris, Florence, Hungary and Mumbai. She has received awards for a number of paintings. Her paintings are displayed at the Art Gallery of Guelph store and the Guelph Artisan store.



" My cultural roots in India, travels through Europe, and the natural beauty of hometown Guelph have all contributed towards evolving my art in new directions, resulting in a treasured collection of inspirations. My vision is to share the process of Expressive Arts with the community and make Art a part of daily life. Blue Amber Arts liberates people and businesses to a sense of freedom through expression for happy, healthy lives that inspire others. I provide arts education in a variety of capacities, particularly personal, spiritual and business, teaching the freeing power of expressive art. I strive to offer unique products and experiences at my events.
We explore creative, fun and intuitive ways to reduce stress and discover our true potential and strength. 

Dreams Unleashed is a compilation of real-life inspirational stories written by those who have focused on expanding their minds and transforming their lives. Their experiences are a result of working in harmony with the laws of the universe. There are tales of motivation, inspiration, limiting beliefs,

self-discovery, and realizations. 

I have shared my story "BLUE AMBER" in this inspiring compilation, about my journey of being given a chance to re-invent my life, and use my art to heal, discover and express myself.

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