"MIRAGE" Acrylic on Canvas: Exhibited at the December 2016 annual show of the Société Nationale des Beaux – Arts ( Est 1862) at The Louvre in Paris. Recipient of Medal and Diploma from the prestigious Academy of Arts Sciences Lettres, Paris (Est 1915)
Art washes away from the soil the dust of everyday life....Pablo Picasso

The mission of BlueAmber Arts is to make art a part of everyday life.
We create, present and teach art as an aesthetically pleasing, tangible, healing and fun experience.
Wear Art.... Carry Art....Learn Art....Gift Art....Enjoy Art!      Home Decor and Accessories for Everyone And Every Home
Join us for this Blue Amber Arts Aroma Chakra Jewelry Trunk Show.

I will be sharing the power of the Chakras, the power of Mala Jewelry, and what inspired me to create this collection of beautiful wearable art.

This trunk show will be showcasing select pieces from the Blue Amber Aroma Chakra healing stones jewelry collection.

Each day of the week corresponds to a Chakra in our energy body as do the gemstones and crystals.
A short info session will be posted, along with special offers every day for a week.

I will offer virtual chakra energy assessments to help you decide which crystals can be beneficial for you.

Free attunement and mantra activation session with the purchase of 108 bead malas.