Artist and educator

Art washes away from the soil the dust of everyday life ....Pablo Picasso


The mission of BlueAmber Arts is to make art a part of everyday life. We create, present and teach art as an aesthetically pleasing, tangible, healing and fun experience. 

Blue Amber Arts incorporates spiritual energy of colors to elevate the products to an experience and a unique memory.   


In my art, I express the inspirations of my soul, realizing the true essence and power of artistic 
expression. The dialogue between the art and the artist is a channeling of messages from the Universe, the Source of all creation. I invite you on a journey of exploration through the gallery of paintings.

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 Blue Amber  attire and jewelry is inspired by ancient designs, rituals and techniques which convert everyday use products into contemporary fashion accessories and tools for holistic practices.

Donning a chefs hat I have staved off the myth of the starving artist! Join me in my creative cooking online classes and discover the secrets and joys of the exotic Indian cuisine.

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Don't miss out on new events, de-stress creatively in the comfort of your own home and join me in these art and culinary experiences. No experience necessary, detailed instructions provided.